Benedict Sinister ‘Your Parents (Dancing with the Stars)’

Your Parents (Dancing with the Stars)” is an electro-pop gem from Benedict Sinister, following up his “16 Lines from Bryan Ferry,” which reached the Number 5 Breakout spot on the Billboard dance club charts. “Your Parents” features sweet ephemeral backing vocals over a laid-back Chainsmokers-style arrangement. Add Sinister’s trademark spoken word delivery and the resulting track has drawn comparisons ranging from John Legend to Frank Sinatra to Weird Al Yankovic.

“Your Parents (Dancing with the Stars)” is a love song with a heavy dose of social commentary and humour. Sinister ridicules his girlfriends’ parents – their conversation, political opinions, home cooking, holiday photos, Christmas gifts, board games, pets, etc. – but as a good boyfriend he says he is willing to tolerate all of these, and even to capitulate to watching “Dancing with the Stars” with them.

But soon enough, the parental phrase “Chloe’s told us so much about you” takes on an ominous resonance and the soon to be released video shows Benedict himself experiencing the discomfort of being judged for his age difference with Chloe, their sexual activities, and his arrest record.

Benedict Sinister cites French singer-songwriter Vincent Delerm’s Parisian Bourgeois-Bohemian anthem, “Tes Parents” as inspiring him to write his own New York based original song, which he recorded in London, co-producing with Brighton-based Ian Preston.

Your Parents SMALL


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