Timsters ‘Somewhere’

With his works for inter alia, – Colorado, Praa, Maximilien, French artist Timsters shapes a very modern sound. A singular one that is made of different genres mixed together, a synthesis of electronic, urban and pop music. Beyond these eclectic influences, Timsters made a veritable family team in his label – Elephant & Castle, a place where humans are the matrix.

So, no surprise to observe that it’s the main dimension that comes out of his songwriting. Sensitive and personal tracks that he let grow patiently and an environment that permits him to drop all masks. A record like a gradation where shades are in the foreground and where cocoon-like productions welcome obsessive and limpid melodies.

With new single ‘Somewhere’, Timsters confirms his ease to explore private territories with a touch of lightness. Here, he just needs a key and a drum machine to suggest wandering under grey skies. The producer handles his synthetic friends whose pearly voices act like a lighthouse through the fog. Like his previous single ‘Gone’, this new track catches the blur that often follows a new ending: delicious loss and disturbing moments. ‘Somewhere’ is an interrupted moment akin to Taniguchi : melody of The Walking Man.

Watch the video here:



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