Tony Moore ‘Perfect And Beautiful’

Online Tony Moore tries to dine out on the fact that he runs music events in London at The Bedford, Balham and The Kashmir Club that have hosted many new artists that have gone on to become big. It’s also apparently a big deal that he was also keyboard player of 80’s band The Cutting Crew (wow!) and also claims to have been one of the early members of Iron Maiden which seems truly bizarre. We smell a rat.

Promoting shows in London on the basis of who’s played at your venue perpetuates ‘the fame game’ and hooks many acts into performing at the venue for free with a promise of A&R people being there (which they’re never) and the continues exploitation in this sense when really what we need in this industry is promoters / venues who will pay for musicians talents and hard work. Bands would be better off putting on their own shows in bedrooms or community venues and selling their own tickets to gain some money and and to create a real buzz from a scene than playing Moore’s nights which someone drab like KT Tunstall once performed at. It takes a lot more than playing one of these nights to get a following and get signed but Moore would probably let you believe that he is solely responsible for all of the successful acts that have played at his nights.

Now we come to the point that if Moore is so well connected- why hasn’t he made it himself as a musician properly and we don’t mean playing keyboard for some 80’s one hit wonder or being kicked out of an early Iron Maiden lineup. Well this new single shows why. ‘Perfect And Beautiful’ is dated and bland as fuck and dull in its simplicity. It’s like a whiny Elton John song with none of Elton’s engaging songwriting wizardry or like a song that a year 9 music student would compose for his or her ‘pop music’ assignment. The sounds are boring and it’s terrible in its attempts to be an anthem. The accompanying video just shows you how deluded this guy is, pretending he’s a big deal in black and white when he looks like that dude from the crystal maze crossed with David Brent’s worst moments. That’s your slate of the week!

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