Josh Wheatley ‘Runaway’

The success of The 1975 with first the alternative hipster generation and now the mainstream seems to have spawned lots of 80’s throwback music but actually electronic pop and 80’s inspired music has always been around and bubbling since the 80’s itself and what matters really is if the songwriting and production is engaging and involving. 21 year old Josh Wheatley provides a promising taste of just that with ‘Runaway’ which is hooky in a subtle way and has just enough added electronic production to what would essentially be a singer-songwriter song to enhance the song and invite the listener in and to add 80’s flavours without turning this into more of a band production. The 1975 aside, this actually reminds me of the 90’s pop of Savage Garden. Totally uncool to name drop but they had fucking awesome songs that transcended EDM into the pop stratosphere and if you can write a timeless pop hit, then why not go for all round appeal? It’s secretly what all artists want. Wheatley seems to be on his way to this level, the moon and back. So take your heart and runaway into Wheatley’s distant choral harmonies and snappy drum machine acoustic pop…



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