Hope & Social ‘Sunrise Laughing’

Chirpy fresh indie-pop ditty here from Leeds based Hope & Social who unbeknownst to us have been going quite a while and have played many major venues and festivals and it’s certainly nice to see a band making original and inventive pop-music having had some success. So often these bands are lost in amongst the twiddly air guitar virtuosos, one-hit wonder 80’s pop singers, americana throw-backs and trad folk nights of our UK arts centres (Watch out for them on tour in Oct / Nov). The video is a great animation by Virpi Kettu which suits the child-like soundscapes of this track with a tasty weird synth hook, great brass and an emotive vocal to die for which sounds awfully familiar but yet without being to put an exact finger on who it sounds like… some top harmonies too, resulting in an extravaganza jamboree of an ending. Noah & The Whale and Nizlopi had hits with this kind of stuff a while back and the whole rag-tag-eccentric-eclectic band vibe is like Stornoway. It’s quirky and accessibly done with feeling…



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