Big Top Heartbreak ‘My Breath Killed The Roses’

Oi Oi savoloi it’s time to get circusy! This eccentric, quirky and psychedelic orchestral track from Big Top Heartbreak has enough melancholic / off-kilter lyrics and emotion, (‘the human race are arseholes’) to really make you feel. It has a slight mid-naughties Kooks, Arctic Monkey’s twang in places, mainly the voice but the final result is something much cooler and accomplished than any of those bands’ instant pop indie tracks. It seems Scott Lavene has been on a spiritual journey from the black side of the ying yang to the white and back again- what’s important is the path between them that always runs- this song sums up so many emotions in that sense- frustration, pain, love, humour and many more-he’s also not afraid to walk down the street in blue dungerees- good on ya- fuck the fashion po-lice! take a dive in!



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