“The World Is Flat” from Paul Mosley’s ‘The Butcher’ folk opera ft. Jamie Lawson & Esther Dee

This is a sparkling breeze of a track with a sound like Nick Drake meets The Lumineers with intricate picking, gorgeous strings and vocal harmonies oozing over it. A little coy in places perhaps but those that throw anyway any inhibitions about listening to something ‘folk’ will also be rewarded with this song as well as anyone who loves great folk music. It’s from a very interesting two CD album project called ‘The Butcher’, featuring a host of people, notably Jamie Lawson and Esther Dee on this particular track alongside project creator and writer Paul Mosley. It is a folk opera ghost story throughout, beginning with this great ode to escapism… ‘I swear there are better worlds than ours… you don’t want me to talk like that’ and the whole ‘seems to me you believe the world is flat’ could be seen as a nod against the old folk traditions and pedantry locked in place, inviting the listener to open up to something new and modern gushing out of this creative collaborative concept album.

butcher art 4 x 4a


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