RA RA RIOT “Water”


Water is a sensitive subject for Ra Ra Riot. The band’s original drummer tragically drowned back in 2007 a year before debut album “The Rhumb Line” was released. I came across The Rhumb Line having packed a few hundred copies of it up in a PR mailout as an intern in an undisclosed UK record label in 2008. It was a decent striking album with some hooky indie tracks with subtle deeper undertones and nice bits of strings. Here in “Water” years later, catching up with the band, I can hear development of more epic proportions with an expansive backdrop which almost makes the idea of them being a five piece band of singular members disappear. It’s an all inclusive cinematic and almost ever changing sound now which invites you to find more on each listen and which still has not lost that simplicity and authentic aching and longing underneath which sparked the first album. This album should make the band reach new heights if they haven’t already and in case you’re wondering, the intern has kept his drive and fight and love of great music and made it into working in the music industry full time a few years ago. Here’s to success!




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