Hayley Cannon “Who Are You?”

Hayley Cannon asks “Who Are You?” in her new video but we think “who is Hayley Cannon” is more the question?

This is quite sinister sounding music using traditional instruments and its fitting that a mysterious woman, presumably Hayley is haunting old derelict buildings in the video.

It’s an impressive production and the refrain “Who Are You?” seeks to imprint itself on your soul as the track whips into a frenzy of strings and soaring howls with some success but mainly this track seems all about portraying a mood and it does so very well.

All we know is Hayley is an accomplished musician and lives in London. From the music? Well perhaps Hayley is a gypsy at heart? perhaps she feels like a ghost around modern culture? or as the photo below suggests, perhaps she’s your long lost Mary Poppins-esque eccentric aunt waiting to be reunited with you and to give you lucky charms, nursery rhymes and wisdom. We will never know for sure…



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