New Body Of Songs Tracks

Gemma Cairney’s Body of Songs project is back! creating interesting bodily organ inspired experimental music. The latest two are quite a contrast. Raf from 2 Bears fame tackled the appendix whilst Sam Lee and some Welsh dude Llywelyn ap Myrddin who also goes around composing some stuff, took on the nose.

Raf’s track is a very good listen if you’re in an upbeat mood. It has some familiar 2 Bears cheeky dirty electro vibes and spoken word going on which will please fans but like some of their songs, although brilliant, they can grate in a kind of cringey loose funk way after too many listens. However the piece holds together nicely with vocal harmony changes and builds and break downs that are really pleasurable if you’re willing to let yourself slip into its lazy groove.

Sam Lee and Llywelyn ap Myrddin’s track is minimal, delicate and sparse in a folky way, Sam’s distinctive voice coming across like a slightly cracked Nick Drake on one of his demo recordings, layered on top of cello and plinking piano with a gripping restrained build up. It’s beautiful conceptual stuff. There’s still something awkwardly contrived about Sam for me though- he doesn’t seem authentic enough- he has this ‘fresh faced’ crashing into ‘serious artist’ look which just makes him come across pretentious. He’s like the posh boy at school that was always good at music – Perhaps he fell too much into dreams of being Nick Drake and forgot about all the injustices in the world there are to possibly sing about and help sort out? perhaps I don’t know enough about him though.

RAFPICa      Sam-Lee-TFIT1-by-Frederic-Aranda


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