Brigitte Aphrodite “Creshendorious” (Video)

I wrote about this track previously but thought I’d post the new video for it just simply because it has the best brightest colours I’ve seen for ages and the track is also brilliant. Brigitte Aphrodite reminds me of the jaberwocky, not that she’s a monster, she looks very charming in a kind of east-end Lily Allen (wrote ‘Lilly Alien’ by accident here and perhaps that could work, as Brigitte seems to like her spaceage silver wear and is so out of this world musically?) trash-pop chic way, its just that she can really convey meaning through made up words and word combinations like that kids story. We all know what it means by the sounds and expression and this unknowable knowing from behind the words without having to be pigeonholed by the details and specifics of language. So come and gyre and gimble in the wabes (loose Jaberwocky quote remembered from hazy school days) at the video…



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