Brigitte Aphrodite “Creshendorious”

A an eery acoustic guitar and background street noise starts this piece and ones not sure whether to expect Gravenhurst or something. Brigitte then reveals herself to be an eccentric poet, with a vocal not that unlike Kate Nash but with more aching sincere harmonies. There’s a frustration behind the eccentricity, I sense, with the general bombardment of media, buzz words and slang during life, Brigitte comes up with her own hilarious rhyme slang like ‘marshmallow frumped me’. She’s a scatty whirlwind but with her continuous chatting, its like the inner realms of someones mind, fractured by the relentless absurdities of life in 2015. Yet there’s something moving and touching throughout which keeps it deep and mysterious and close to home.

MBBD Artwork Photo1


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