The Birdman Rallies “Wild Sisters”

Ambient minimal indie with warm sweeping strings inviting you in. It has catchy lyric structures with a slight nod to Damon Albarn to begin with, then the chorus is really Blur in kooky pop ballad mode. Next a nylon strung guitar abstractly solo’s adding a nice texture. Its intellectual and engaging, nostalgic to those brit pop days but also showing potential to go somewhere big with their structures and songs but maybe the over-riding Blur feel might hinder them there in some ways. The singer even has the same wide eyed, jaw relaxed semi-forlorn yet precocious hinting at spontaneous geek-pop-rock chaos stare in their press photo as Albarn. The track does go somewhere different at the end though, into a joyful dance kinda freak-out with beats to bring it to a close. Dare we compare that to Gorillaz?



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