C Duncan ‘Say’


Andy C… Ryan C Edwards and now ‘C Duncan’. Well, its good that this blogger doesn’t judge via name similarities and it seems impossible that ‘C Duncan’ has called himself thus to jump on any sort of band wagon or to model himself on anyone in particular. Oh bollocks, what about M Ward though?

M Ward makes soft lo fi slightly pop acoustic music, right? Well here on ‘Say’, luckily C Duncan here is showing a deepness and freshness of sound that makes him a truly great artist in his own right and likewise his acoustic lo-fi ness on other tracks like ‘mountains’ is incredibly good and has something true to himself about it.

The chamber harmonies here are slightly “Fleet Foxes” yet slightly darker, there’s something niche to C Duncan and affecting going on too. Scenic pads of these harmonies drive this track over a tastily snapping clicky drum machine beat and gloriously take over in a full panorama chorus, pulling the track into your head on a trippy conveyer belt shuffling its way in and doing a hypnotic dance as it does so. A guy who can do multiple genres and instruments it seems with great songs and very cool production each time.


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