Sean Grant & The Wolfgang ‘Freedom Of The World’ (Video)


Sean Grant seems determined to jump onto the Frank Turner bandwagon while it heaves hopefully it’s last cart-horse parade around the dilapidated ‘punk / folk’ and ‘authentic London’ streets. Production wise, this track is well produced and shuffles past with enough vigor and power to be noticed, yet there’s something cringeworthy about Sean’s almost put on-slight-cockney-lower league-football-stand-chant voice which flickers from being the supposed voice of some failed generation to sounding like he wants to seem like some kind of intellectual and neither convinces in content or delivery. Of course, Sean and band are well styled in the video in their pseudo-individual suits and braces in a kind of Mumford and Sons homage which they’d probably deny and say they are ‘anti-marketing’. Just how can ‘punk’ and marketing work together, I guess is the question. On repeat listens there’s still not anything big or special about the track to lift it up out of a quagmire of bands and acts out there like this. Maybe if Sean said ‘cunt’ a few more times and he might have the edge of bands like Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun in today’s ‘rise of the idiots’. “My lord was sent here to save me”, Sean sings, I wonder if he’s a Christian now too?  Sounds like he needs to be saved from being dredged into a life of being the official ‘poor mans Frank Turner’ in dingy venues and pubs around the UK for the foreseeable. How can Sean attempt to give the world freedom as in the title when he’s too busy doing all this? And when will we get rid of all these ‘folk’ band names with bears and wolves in them? Are we meant to imagine Sean and his ‘Wolfgang’ skipping around the streets of Milton Keynes clicking their figures in their old man attire like a West Side Story loser fest or are they the sly wolf-like secret mafia of the roundabout city and we should be scared? Is it because they have a dark secret to do with Wolves a bit like the ‘dead hand’ gang from the Inbetweeners? It’s a bizarre thrown together mix of split personalities that end up sounding like a big effort to be something he’s not. Sorry, Sean I’ve put on my best Liam Gallagher Mancunian accent here to ‘tell you how it is our kid’.


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