Max Raptor Live Barfly, Camden 13/10/14

Max Raptor smashed out a set of classics and promising new tunes at The Barfly on 13/10/10 and they drew a big and enthusiastic crowd on a cold rainy Monday night. Starting with ‘Evangeline’, the band set the pace for a full on evening of hard chant rock. Next followed old Portraits album classics ‘The Great And The Good’ and ‘Obey The Whips’ which got the crowd properly bouncing from the offset. New tracks including ‘Population’ and ‘Day Release’ raised eyebrows and seemed to go down well, the band seem to be developing into a slightly new direction on them perhaps created by the fusing of their now solid lineup after a couple of changes.


‘Breakers’, ‘Back of A Barrel Wave’ and ‘England Breathes’ from last years ‘Mothers Ruin’ got the crowd even more frenzied and intense before an intense mosh pit for a high ending with their biggest and best track ‘The King Is Dead’. This band have political lyrics that get under your skin and riffs that are easy to dig into, seeing them live really is wicked and the best way to hear them. An incredible power. Song of the night was ‘Patron Saint Of Nothing’ which totally got everyone bouncing and holding their two fingers up. I personally was imagining certain enemies at that moment who I have defied.


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