Josh Pyke ‘Leeward Side’ (Video)

Josh Pyke could be any number of singer-songwriters around the world who has a fairly good voice and looks good and can put together a basic decent tune. Plucked to support Passenger and subsequently collaborating with him, Josh has been lucky enough to get a slight breakthrough above the other bedsit singer-songwriters and folk troubadours working hard out there on the road and in the studio. There is something refreshing about new single ‘Leeward Side’, it isn’t instant but after a few listens it’s almost dancy rhythms and subtle background ‘oohs’, acoustic strumming and organs and interesting lyrics get into your soul. It comes across nicely between the indie post-Nick Drake revival scene and middle of the road Radio 2 pop. He happens to be on tour in the UK with much acclaimed UK soft rock-atmospheric outfit Pylo this Oct / Nov who are well worth seeing. Whether Josh has the right songs and voice to become the next Damien Rice or Passenger is yet to be seen however….


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