Many Things- “Chains” (Video)

Neil from the young ones singing melodramatically over doom electronica, is what comes into my head when watching this video, if I wanted to be cheeky but this is actually a pretty decent and poignant track and video from Many Things. There’s some real nice sounds in the backdrop scapes of this piece, the cold iceberg like synth chords which add cinematic atmosphere from the beginning and the rising sort of warped pan pipe melody which is almost like the echo of an early 90’s house banger. Vocally, Neil, as I’ll call him ranges from warbling tender notes and angsty distorted shouts in flippant quickness which is great, you can tell he’s really feeling it. “I’m still angry, crazy like a fool” he plainly says… and why not tell it like it is. It’s bare and open and like looking into his soul. There’s a feeling of satisfaction when the track ends and a readiness to enter this intense world again to attempt to share in this band’s darkness and who knows, perhaps eventually break the “chains” in which they sing of, although one might ask if the song if more celebrating and glorifying these chains rather than wanting to do away with them- I don’t think this band would be as good if they were set free.


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