Saint Agnes “Old Bones Rattle”

How many more lo-fi boy-girl-Kills-eque / ‘slightly cooler than The White Stripes’ bands can make it successful now is the question for Saint Agnes. Their new track ”Old Bones Rattle” does exactly what the title says on the tin- it’s a track that goes back to sounds of The Rolling Stones, The Kinks with simple bluesy riffs  but with a more modern heavier sound. It’s good but nothing you haven’t heard before and with Jack White all over MTV with catchier better riffs (and a lot of money to buy nice suits and shoes), it just seems like the wrong place, wrong time for these guys and something all too familiar. I’m sure Saint Agnes love bashing out tunes like this fuzz filled stomper live and get some street cred from somewhere but it’s too far in the safe zone of not quite unabashedly straying into the zone Jack White now operates with killer riffs and stadium tours, nor going the other way of being so indie and lo-fi that it’s irresistible in quirkyness. You can’t sit in the middle, Saint Agnes- get off the fence!


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