Wild Smiles ‘Never Wanted This’


Winchester band Wild Smiles’ new track ‘Never Wanted This’ ( taken from new album ‘Always Tomorrow’, on Sunday Best Recordings on 27th October) reminded me of something very straight away. It has very much the same hook-line as Nirvana’s ‘Breed’ and Nirvana-esque changes between restrained rim hit drumming and chugging guitars to outbursts of pure grunge awesomeness. However that’s no bad thing, it’s a very pleasing track and some of the best modern rock tracks of recent times have come from pure influence by and by bands modelling themselves on classic songs by massive bands (I’m thinking of Peace, who Wild Smiles’ could easily support on tour). The singer has an interesting twang to his vocals which is nothing like Cobain which puts things into a different zone and there’s an infectious drive that seems fresher than early 90’s bands. Although the influences are seemingly obvious, these guys have done something that’s really decent and engaging.


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